Provider Spotlight: Dr. Stephanie Carroll, Gundersen Home Hospital

“I knew this was a viable approach to patient care and was impressed with Contessa’s approach to identify patients that could be good candidates.”

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Care Convergence: Contessa’s One-of-a-Kind Healthcare Technology Platform

Care Convergence: where home hospital care meets true digital collaboration. Learn more about the proprietary technology platform our team uses each day.

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Risky Business: Why Contessa Takes on Risk to Treat Patients at Home

No risk, no reward. Find out why Contessa’s financial model assumes risk, benefitting our patients, provider partners and payer affiliates.

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“I got the same results I would have if I was in the hospital, but I was home.”

When Cliff had trouble breathing, his wife took him to Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center. The nearly 80-year-old lives with claustrophobia and was fearing nights alone in…

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Reflecting on a Year of Growth: Four Reasons to Celebrate

The world awoke to the need of hospital-level care at home last year, making 2020 a watershed moment for Contessa. But, in terms of achieving our goal for expanding access to the unique and much-needed care model we offer, 2021 has proven to be even more significant.

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Provider Spotlight: Jesse Steffl, PA-C, Allegheny General Hospital Home Recovery Care

“There is a lot of promise. I have enjoyed partnering with Contessa and am excited for the future.”

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Build or Buy? Three Things to Consider Before Starting a Hospital at Home Program

When integrating a home hospital care program at an existing health system, is it necessary to recreate the wheel and build your own from scratch? Contessa CEO Travis Messina explains.

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Hospitals Without Walls Waivers are Working. Let’s Make Them Permanent.

For years, healthcare slowly marched into the future. Telehealth and alternative sites of care steadily gained acceptance and improved experiences, outcomes, and bottom lines, but failed to break into the mainstream. That changed in 2020 and the march became a sprint.

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Dr. Phoebe Ling

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Phoebe Ling, Prisma Health Home Recovery Care

“This is a step in the right direction for healthcare, and I am grateful to be a part of it.” 

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