Patient Stories

“The great thing was that I was able to stay in my own bed, in my own house.” 

Generally healthy at age 60, Luis has never been admitted to the hospital for care. That’s why he was a bit concerned when he needed…

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Woman patient wearing mask laying on hospital bed

“I’d do it again— in a heartbeat.” 

When Leslie arrived at the ER at Prisma Baptist Easley Hospital in February in need of care, she didn’t know the lasting positive impact it…

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Picture of Michael

“I really learned how to be involved and take care of myself.”

Michael is usually healthy and active, always in motion at his job managing a restaurant and never letting much slow him down. It was a…

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Perry and his wife Cheryl

“It actively supports and encourages independence.”

While many of us require more help as we age, maintaining a degree of independence is important. Perry and his wife Cheryl have found this…

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“I got better rest and I think the medication worked better too.” 

At the end of January, Virgina Mason Franciscan Health rolled out their brand-new Home Recovery Care program at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, WA….

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“I was very impressed. It is a very well-oiled machine, for sure.” 

Don and his wife Sally were no strangers to the symptoms caused by his congestive heart failure like shortness of breath, wheezing and fatigue, but…

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“When you treat someone good, it makes their whole experience.”

When faced with a serious illness, unexpected complications can often land patients in the hospital at the same time they are already trying to manage…

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“They treated her as if she were their own grandmother.”

Denton’s mom, Joyce, is no stranger to ER visits. At 100 years young, she has struggled with frequent urinary tract infections. Ordinarily, she’s sharp and…

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“Why go to the hospital when you can get care at home?”

Sometimes you just have a sense that a medical problem is getting too serious to ignore, and that was the case for William. “I had…

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“I think you feel better and get healthier sooner.”

Chest discomfort and shortness of breath landed David in the emergency room at Hershey Medical Center. “I thought I was having a heart attack,” he…

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“I didn’t even know such a thing existed.”

Although Carmen had a history of chronic respiratory problems and was no stranger to hospital stays, when she went to the emergency room at Gundersen…

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“I was glad to go home.”

At 91 years young, Gene knew that feeling lightheaded and “woozy”, along with having difficulty breathing, was cause for concern. He went to the emergency…

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