Provider Spotlight: Dr. Stephanie Carroll, Gundersen Home Hospital

With 20 years of experience at Gundersen Health System, Stephanie Carroll, MD, has witnessed health care technology improve. She even had the opportunity to help develop the tele-hospitalist program at Gundersen to care for patients in critical care.

When leadership asked her to apply the same concept and help build Gundersen Home Hospital, she accepted the task. Home Hospital, which allows eligible patients the option to go home with hospital-level care, launched last spring through a partnership with Contessa.

“I knew this was a viable approach to patient care and was impressed with Contessa’s approach to identify patients that could be good candidates,” shared Dr. Carroll.

If someone qualifies for Home Hospital, they are sent home with remote patient monitoring devices, are visited by a registered nurse, and round with their doctors using a telehealth tablet.

Dr. Carroll really sees the value of rounding on patients when they’re in their home. “The interactions with patients and their families are more enjoyable because they are more relaxed and comfortable.”

Although she works from the hospital to provide telehealth care, Dr. Carroll highlights the acute care registered nurses who visit the patients in-person. She appreciates the level of confidence they bring to the team.

“Not only does Home Hospital relieve beds, but it uniquely combines in-person care and virtual care.”