Michael Nottidge, MD, MPH, MBA, Senior Vice President & Medical Director

Why the Monitoring Phase is Critical for Hospital Care at Home

While remote monitoring outside of the hospital is common, our teams gain in-depth knowledge of a patient and their health during a 30-day episode, all while in their home. Contess’s monitoring phase gives us the ability to intervene more quickly when needed and more accurately identify longitudinal patient needs.

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Stronger Together: How Contessa Partners with Your Clinical Team

It’s no secret: partnering with Contessa can transform already-prominent hospitals and health-systems into highly desired destinations of true patient-centered care. Our organization works with partners who share a dedication to offering the right care for patients at the right time in the best place suited for their needs: the home.  The truth is, though, none of this happens overnight. From the first day after a partnership is formed, our teams work collaboratively to bring operational, clinical, and change management expertise to help clinical teams smoothly deliver hospital care at home. Our model is a more effective and more efficient process…

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Contessa Palliative Care: Bringing Care at Home Full-Circle

Grappling with a serious or complex illness can be a challenge at any age, and that’s even harder when you’re managing it alone. Unfortunately, many care models overlook palliative services or engage with them only at the end of life. Health care teams often consider palliative care engagement as giving up on helping their patients. Yet, when engaged with palliative care earlier in their journeys, data shows patients experience a higher quality of life and often live longer.  Palliative care, a medical specialty focused on maintaining or improving quality of life, is often the supportive care patients with chronic conditions…

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