Recovery Care at Home

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Contessa’s hospital care at home model, Recovery Care at home, helps health system partners bring acute care to the comfort of patients’ homes. To do so, we build a care team that is fully equipped to follow patients through the continuum of their care, from their initial hospital visit to their admission to the Recovery Care at Home program and throughout their episode.

Recovery Care at Home Common Points of Entry

Straight from the Emergency Department (ED)

Recovery Care Coordinators identify eligible patients who would otherwise be admitted to the inpatient unit from the ED. If the admitting physician agrees they can be cared for at home, these patients are offered this option, with more than 90 % choosing to accept care at home.

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After an Admission to the Hospital

Patients who are already admitted to the general medicine floor of the hospital can complete their course of hospital treatment at home after stabilizing on the inpatient unit.

How Recovery Care at Home Works

Contessa’s Recovery Care at Home model offers a safe and effective alternative to the traditional inpatient hospital stay.

Partnering with the same types of clinicians patients see in a hospital, we build a care team that is equipped and ready to deliver hospital level care in the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home.

Eligible patients are assessed for their condition by a doctor at their point of access, either in the emergency room, observation unit, urgent care clinic or primary care practice. Patients can also enter the program from the inpatient floor once they are stable, with the ability to complete their hospital stay in the comfort of their own home.

After opting into the program, patients are given all the technology and instructions they need to receive easy, convenient and safe care at home for up to 30 days. During this timeframe, patients will receive regular in home nursing visits and telehealth consults from physicians.

Caring comes naturally to her

Aflfa was resistant to the idea of staying in the hospital due to ongoing side effects from her chemotherapy treatment. When she was admitted to the Marshfield Clinic Home Recovery Care program, she was happy to accept the chance to return home for her recovery care. When asked about the program, she mentioned “I really felt like ‘people do care about you,’ and that kind of feeling makes you feel really good.”

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