We bring hospital care to the patient's home

Proven Care Models

Contessa is the partner of choice for provider organizations, physicians and payers to provide Home Recovery Care that is safe, affordable and improves patient outcomes and satisfaction in the comfort of home.

Contessa’s turnkey solution is powered by Care Convergence, our proprietary technology platform. Care Convergence, coupled with evidence-based protocols and best practices, enables a seamless Home Recovery Care delivery experience.

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Contessa's models facilitate care for more than
150 inpatient Diagnosis-Related Groups.

Acute Care Model 

This is for patients that meet inpatient criteria, but can safely be treated in their home.

Post-Acute Care Model 

This is for patients already in the hospital, but need additional rehabilitation after discharge. These patients would typically be admitted into a skilled nursing facility.

Post-Surgery Model

These individuals are discharged the same day and can recover in their own home instead of the hospital. Example: Recovery after an orthopedic surgery, such as total joint replacements.