Bringing Comprehensive Care Solutions to the Patient's Home

Contessa has pioneered the delivery of comprehensive care in the home that combines all the essential elements of a hospital or rehabilitation stay within the comfort of patients’ homes. Our proven model helps to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, achieve cost savings and define a new standard for care delivery. ​

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Contessa's Models Facilitate Care for more than
150 inpatient Diagnosis-Related Groups

Recovery Care
at Home

Contessa’s Recovery Care at Home model offers a safe and effective alternative to the traditional inpatient hospital stay. We build a care team that is equipped and ready to deliver hospital-level care in the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home. 

Rehabilitation Care
at Home

Contessa’s Rehabilitation Care at Home model allows patients to return to their homes to receive the same, high-quality rehabilitation care they would receive in a skilled nursing facility. Eligible patients can enter the program with a referral from the hospital or their primary care physician.

Palliative Care
at Home

Contessa’s Palliative Care at Home model is a longer-term option, offering ongoing home-based care for patients in the advanced stages of complex illness. Our interdisciplinary team provides services targeted toward patients living with terminal, chronic or advanced stage illness and aims to enhance their quality of life.

Home Health and Hospice

By joining the Amedisys family, Contessa is a leader in comprehensive care at home with a national scope. This strategic alignment is a tremendous opportunity to reshape the future of how healthcare is delivered.

What Makes Our Solutions Unique


Evidence-Based Protocols

Contessa's clinical care models are co-developed with provider partners and are grounded in evidence-based protocols and best practices. This ensures that patients receive the level of care they need and deserve. Contessa consistently measures and reports clinical and patient satisfaction outcomes.


Recovery Care Coordinators

Contessa's Recovery Care Coordinators work alongside hospital partners to identify eligible patients for Home Recovery Care. The Recovery Care Coordinators act as an extension of the provider’s team by guiding the patient’s care plan.


Telehealth System

While at home, patients are equipped with a state-of-the-art telehealth system allowing them to connect seamlessly with their physician, registered nurse and Recovery Care Coordinator. Physicians have increased access to their patients, without disrupting their daily schedule.

Benefits of Comprehensive Care at Home

Hospitals are not a one-size-fits-all solution for patients. Contessa knows there is a better way to deliver high-quality, safe and affordable care for patients recovering from non-life-threatening conditions.​


Monitoring Vital Signs

A Registered Nurse can monitor vitals remotely with advanced technologies.


Medication Education

Nurses provide useful education to sustain recovery beyond initial care.



A registered nurse provides medical care at home, such as: IVs, wound care and dressing changes.



Recovery Care Coordinators schedule follow-up appointments with doctors.


Quicker Recovery

Patients typically have a faster recovery time compared to traditional hospital stays.


Lower Infection Risk

The home has a much lower risk of spreading hospital-acquired infections.

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