Care Convergence

Care Convergence, Contessa’s proprietary technology platform powers the seamless delivery of the Comprehensive Care at Home model for provider organizations and payers.

Our platform, built on four interconnected modules, uncovers cost savings, streamlines the revenue cycle process and ensures consistent and personalized patient care.


Cost Saving Analytics

Contessa’s turnkey solution, which is powered by Care Convergence, simplifies entering into risk arrangements and gleans insights from claims data to identify cost-saving opportunities.

Our Four Interconnected Modules



Performs extensive market research to uncover cost-saving opportunities for payers and arms providers with real-time data to inform care delivery



Facilitates the delivery of patient-centric care across the spectrum of the Comprehensive Care at Home model.



Validates claims against patient data from specific episodes to optimize the revenue cycle process for payers and providers.



Our HL7 ADT feed engine, receives secure health system ADT messages across our health system partners and automates several processes.

Care Convergence Advantage

Care Convergence simplifies entering risk arrangements. The four interconnected modules support risk arrangements by establishing a historical spend, adjusting workflows for better outcomes based on a patient’s risk, and providing the appropriate data to validate claims.

Care Convergence provides real-time analytics and reports that improve care delivery, quality and outcomes to position our partners for success with the Comprehensive Care at Home model.