“It is an outstanding service that is available to patients!”

A few days after being diagnosed with COVID-19, Mitch developed a bad cough and had trouble breathing. He went to the ER where he was treated for low oxygen levels.  

After being admitted to Marshfield Medical Center, a physician spoke about the possibility of Home Recovery Care which is provided through a partnership with Contessa. This meant he could go home immediately and begin receiving hospital-level care. 

“Knowing that I could be at home but still receive the same care I would if I were in the hospital made it a very easy decision,” shared Mitch. 

Mitch returned home with the essential supplies needed to receive care at home including a remote patient monitoring kit and a telehealth tablet. A nurse visited twice daily to take vital signs, administer medications and assist with virtual physician appointments.

The telehealth visits with the doctor were very easy. It was really neat how my vital signs were automatically uploaded into the tablet when they were being taken.” 

Mitch explained that his wife also loved the program. It was a wonderful experience for her to have him at home and they were impressed with the nurses. “We had the nurse’s undivided attention and all the tools and resources we needed to feel safe and well-cared for. It is an outstanding service that is available to patients!”

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