“I thank everyone for letting me be included in this program.”

When Joseph started having pain in his inner thigh, he knew something was wrong. Since he couldn’t put any weight on his leg, he decided to go to the emergency room at Henry Ford Hospital where he was diagnosed with cellulitis. 

The next day Joseph was approached about Henry Ford Care at Home which brings all the essential elements of hospital care to the comfort of a patients’ home. Having launched earlier that day through a partnership with Contessa, Joseph was told he would be the very first patient. 

They explained to me how Henry Ford Care at Home works and that there was a lack of rooms due to Covid-19. I was eligible if I wanted to participate, so I enrolled,” shared Joseph. 

Within three hours, he was sent home with a thermometer, tablet, scale, blood pressure monitoring cuff and pulse oximeter. A nurse arrived to set everything up and showed Joseph how it worked.  

“It was really easy once they showed me what to do. Then a courier arrived with my medication, IV pole and additional IV fluid, so the nurse set that up and put in my IV.” 

Every morning a nurse would stop by to take Joseph’s vitals and walk him through his telehealth appointment with his doctor. By afternoon, the nurse would visit again to discuss his recovery and next steps. Within days, he was feeling better. 

“I thank everyone for letting me be included in this program. Nobody wants to be in the hospital if they are still able to move around. Plus, my wife liked that I was at home.” 

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