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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Sowjanya Bapani, Marshfield Clinic Health System 

Dr. Sowjanya Bapani’s journey as a hospitalist working with the Marshfield Clinic Home Recovery Care program began in 2016, when the program was still new. Dr. Bapani shares that at first, providers were hesitant about adopting the innovative program. “It was a challenge to find that right patient [clinically] to send home and also the…

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Mahmood Shahlapour, Dignity Health

Dr. Mahmood Shahlapour is a hospitalist with Pioneer Hospitalist Group, working with the Dignity Health network out of Mercy Gilbert Hospital in Chandler, Arizona. Two years ago, he was introduced to Dignity Health Home Recovery Care, a program that transfers eligible patients home to receive hospital-level care.  He recalls it was a paradigm shift: “I…

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Jessica Embrescia, Allegheny Health Network

Dr. Jessica Embrescia, a SNFist with Allegheny Health Network (AHN), is passionate about providing specialized care to seniors. She began her work as a general internist with AHN in 2016 and transitioned to a dedicated SNFist in April 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a SNFist she works exclusively with patients who…

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Michael Hake, Dignity Health

When a pleasant 60-year-old gentleman was admitted to the hospital with a debilitating case of cellulitis to his right leg, he knew it would be a long stay. After nearly four weeks in the hospital and several surgeries, the usually chipper patient grew disgruntled and expressed a desire to leave the hospital.  After discussing solutions…

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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Stephanie Carroll, Gundersen Home Hospital

“I knew this was a viable approach to patient care and was impressed with Contessa’s approach to identify patients that could be good candidates.”

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