Position Spotlight

Position Spotlight: Operations Analyst

Working for an amazing company like Contessa gets me excited for work every day. It’s amazing to know that I am part of a team that thrives on both innovation and compassion. This combination is the driving force that will take Contessa far – and I’m thrilled to be along for the ride! – Zainab, Operations Analyst

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Position Spotlight: Phlebotomist

“Helping patients and working with an awesome company like Contessa inspires me to come to work every day. Being around a team of professionals who are passionate about providing quality patient care makes me happy and motivated to do my part.”
– Cherisse, Phlebotomist

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Position Spotlight: Director of Medical Economics

“I love that the work my team and I do is very high impact. We develop pricing for every patient episode. Each contract we finalize allows us to admit a new group of patients to the program. It’s very satisfying to have a direct and measurable impact.”
– Lydia, Director of Medical Economics

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Position Spotlight: Acute Care Registered Nurse

“Our patients inspire me to come to work every day, knowing I really am making a difference and helping someone while making them feel more comfortable means the world to me.”
– Jarrod, Acute Care Registered Nurse

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Position Spotlight: Software Engineer

“What inspires me to come to work every day is the satisfaction of doing something I really enjoy and the feeling that I’m doing it for a purpose that helps people and has a positive effect on the world.”
– Nathan, Contessa Software Engineer

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Position Spotlight: Virtual Care Unit Recovery Care Coordinator

“I love telling people what I do for a living. Hospital level of care at the comfort of your own home… with follow up after discharge. Sounds really good to me!”

– Alex, VCU Recovery Care Coordinator

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Position Spotlight: Home Recovery Care Manager

“We are delivering hospital-level care in the home. Not only is it a new concept for all but, we are helping pave the way for the future of care delivery.”

– Jeannie, Dignity Health Home Recovery Care Coordinator

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