Position Spotlight: Senior Director, IT Security

Baskar has an extensive background in computer science engineering and information security. He’s spent his career helping healthcare organizations build their information security program. When not at work, Baskar enjoys his other passion, mechanical engineering, and is often found at Lowes or Home Depot getting supplies for his do-it-yourself projects. He lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and 9-year-old son.

What does a Senior Director of IT Security do at Contessa?

My role is responsible for developing, implementing, and operating security controls across the enterprise. The job involves establishing an IT Security program, managing risks related to information security, physical security, disaster recovery, and crisis management. My security teams’ top priority is to protect patients’ data and company confidential information.

Why did you choose a career in IT security?

I love the fact that I can secure enterprises from cyber-attacks. Our partners and patients see us as a cop protecting them from cybercriminals. I enjoy the constant unknown and the challenges cyber security brings. Applications and systems might have flaws that can be exploited in unknown ways by unknown parties. My job: stop it, or at least make sure there’s a record of it happening.

How does your work at Contessa differ from other IT security jobs?

The biggest difference at Contessa is the use of cutting-edge technology with an intense focus on security and compliance. Contessa’s ability to embrace and adapt to constant change helps me run the security program effectively.

What is the best part of your job?

Health information is very personal to patients. It is information they might only share with their loved ones and doctors. But they share their health information with Contessa believing we will keep it secure. The fact that our security program is keeping the patient information secure and fulfilling their trust gives me job satisfaction and a sense of purpose.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

The most secure system is the one that is disconnected from the internet, plugged off, and buried underground inside a steel box. Yes, it is secure but not usable. Finding the right balance between security and functionality is the most challenging part of IT Security job. We need to secure the system without compromising its functionality. 

What inspires you to come to work every day?

Nobody wants to spend time in a hospital. Contessa is helping patients receive care in the comfort and safety of their homes, and my job is to make that care secure, which inspires me to come to work every day. We also have wonderful people and amazing culture.