Why Nurses Prefer Contessa’s Hospital at Home Model

The world needs nurses more than ever. However, these essential providers are facing difficult conditions for delivering care and, subsequently, severe burnout, both of which are driving many away from the field.

Having fewer nurses creates a cycle that places even more demands on the nurses still in hospitals, who are often asked to care for up to 20 patients per shift in the emergency department or other fast-paced specialties. Good nurses know that time with their patients is key to the healing process, but time is also something they have less and less of. There aren’t many immediate solutions to these problems. Instead, many nurses are making a philosophical change and rethinking the way they deliver care.

A New Model to Consider

Being a hospital care at home nurse is a far different experience from the norm and one that Contessa believes is a fit for many of our nation’s dedicated nurses. Here are a few unique aspects of the role that differ from traditional nursing roles:

  • Delivering true patient-centered care. With a patient satisfaction rate of over 90 percent, we know that the home is where patients feel most comfortable. Patients get to sleep in their own beds, stay with the people they love and receive care from nurses and physicians they trust. Nurses love this model because it allows them to build relationships with patients through one-on-one visits. Nurses can breathe between patients instead of jumping from bedside to bedside.
  • Experiencing a new and innovative model. Contessa nurses are at the forefront of healthcare, delivering services directly to patients in their own homes. This is a new career experience, one offering the opportunity to provide the right care, at the right time and in the place patients are happiest to receive it: their homes. Combined with other care models, moving care back into the home and away from more traditional settings, Contessa’s partnerships offer a blueprint for what we are seeking to do across the country. Being a part of that is a unique opportunity to be on the leading-edge of care delivery.
  • Independence and autonomy, with a collaborative spirit. Hospital care at home nurses are offered flexible schedules and have a unique sense of independence. Contessa nurses get to start their days by going directly to patients’ homes with their supplies. At the same time, our model is also built upon a foundation of care coordination. Our innovative process is dependent on handoffs and collaboration between team members, ensuring integration rather than isolation. All of this also keeps the patient at the center of the process, right where they should be.
  • A true transferal of skills, with runway for growth. Hospital care at home nurses treat high-acuity patients, just like traditional hospital nurses. They are not paid per visit, and they still get to provide the care they know well rather than traditional home health or wound care. This allows them to practice what they know in a new and novel setting. Contessa offers an in-depth training period of four to six weeks, with plenty of shadowing opportunities. There is also potential for rapid growth and continuing education to strengthen critical skills.

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving, and so must the role of nurses to keep pace with demand and innovation. Being a hospital care at home nurse poses a unique opportunity to serve patients on the cutting edge of healthcare and to improve the way care is given and received.

If you’re interested in learning more about Contessa’s available nursing roles, check out our open positions.

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