Spanning the Continuum of Care at Home: A Look at the Progress of 2022

The past three years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have unmistakably been a period of rapid growth for healthcare services that focus on medical care in the home. Like any evolving model of care, this kind of healthcare must not compromise high-quality care for patients as it solidifies its position in the industry. 

At Contessa, we’re proud to be able to say that our evolution from a leading hospital care at home provider to the leading provider of a full continuum of medical care in the home is setting the standard for high-quality, safe and effective care in both high acuity and post-acute models. This is reflected in our metrics and in the high patient satisfaction and engagement across our Comprehensive Care at Home programs. 

There are several highlights from the past year that illustrate the innovation and success of Comprehensive Care at Home, which we introduced in 2022. This complete continuum of care represents a fully scalable model for our existing and potential joint venture partners, and we couldn’t be more excited about the positive impact it is having for the patients in our care.  

The growth of post-acute care at Contessa in 2022 

Contessa’s hospital at home program, Recovery Care at Home, saw monumental success as an effective solution for providing high-acuity care outside of the four walls of the hospital. As more hospital systems and payers began to participate in this model of care, it quickly became evident that medical care in the home was here to stay. 

To be on the forefront of the future of medicine, post-acute care was a natural progression of the service lines offered by Contessa. In 2022, multiple hospital systems agreed; we saw the expansion of Rehabilitation Care at Home in these markets: 

  • Henry Ford Health 
  • Allegheny Health Network 
  • Gunderson Health System 

Additionally, Contessa announced new partnerships with Memorial Hermann Health System and University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) that include post-acute care models. And, in the first quarter of 2023, Rehabilitation Care at Home will go live at Penn State Health and Mount Sinai Health System. This growth in the Comprehensive Care at Home model illustrates the increasing demand for this kind of care, while skilled nursing facilities see admissions shrink 

It is also a nod to our full integration with Amedisys, Inc. In 2022, a process that began with our partnership in 2021. The combined resources of Amedisys and Contessa means that along with Recovery Care at Home, Rehabilitation Care at Home, and the recent addition of Palliative Care at Home, patients also have access to the leader in hospice and home health. This pattern of growth across the full continuum of care in the home is sure to only increase in 2023 as more leading healthcare systems turn to the world-class expertise that Amedisys and Contessa bring to the industry. 

Contessa’s expertise fuels growth and high-quality care 

During the past year, we have seen year-over-year growth in the number of patients we have treated as Comprehensive Care at Home has expanded. We have also clearly demonstrated that just as Recovery Care at Home provided quality care that was lauded by patients and their families, our post-acute models have done the same. This is reflected in our current data: 

  • Across all Comprehensive Care at Home, an 83% patient acceptance rate 
  • Patient satisfaction rates remain high, at over 90% 
  • Post-acute model complications of care (fall with injury, new pressure ulcer, infections): 0.6% 

A year that set the stage for the future of healthcare 

2022 has solidified the direction of healthcare in the home, thanks in large part to Contessa’s Comprehensive Care at Home platform. With both high-acuity and post-acute care offerings that improve patients’ lives, we are pleased to be the leader in safely bringing the continuum of care to the place people want it most—their homes. 

Meet Our Expert

Robert Moskowitz, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

Rob Moskowitz, MD, MBA, is dedicated to ensuring that patients receive high-quality care that is timely, accessible and comprehensive. As the Chief Medical Officer at Contessa, he leads all clinical and quality aspects of Contessa’s home-based care continuum. Dr. Moskowitz brings his experience as a practicing emergency physician to all aspects of his role at Contessa, seamlessly partnering with health system leaders to develop, implement and monitor industry-leading hospital care at home programs.