Who We Are Today: A Look Back at 2022

Healthcare is constantly evolving, a fact particularly evidenced in the past two years since the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic has shifted into the rearview mirror in 2022, the changes it brought and the natural progression of improving care for all stakeholders— providers, payers, and patients- has solidified Contessa as a leader in changing the way healthcare is delivered.  

A number of emerging trends have made home-based healthcare one of the fastest growing and most urgently needed healthcare services in the country. Contessa’s history and expertise has helped us to grow effectively and safely meet that need, a process that saw significant gains in 2022. 

The beginning of who we are today 

When Contessa’s hospital at home care model, called Recovery Care at Home, began in 2015, it quickly became evident that this approach to care was both effective and in demand. By creating a program that worked collaboratively with hospital systems and payers to structure cost savings, we built the expertise to successfully scale the program in each joint venture partnership we entered.  

In 2022, Contessa’s footprint in the care-at-home industry only continued to expand. This summer, we unveiled Contessa’s new Comprehensive Care at Home platform, the culmination of our fully integrated home care network which combines all the essential elements of the spectrum of hospital, rehabilitation and palliative care in the comfort of patients’ homes.  

Comprehensive Care at Home is not just a complete continuum of care for patients, although we’re proud of the ways in which it promotes health equity by bringing accessible care directly to patients in their homes. It’s also the most complete strategy to help our partners realize a financially scalable and viable in-home care model, especially in an era of historically high costs. 

By building Comprehensive Care at Home into an ecosystem of care backed by technology, staffing, and a network of ancillary services, our joint venture-based care model achieves positive fiscal outcomes for care-at-home programs that hospital systems would otherwise be struggling with alone. 

In 2022, several health systems saw the value of this ecosystem and partnered with Contessa to offer Comprehensive Care at Home: 

The growth of resources and service lines to become who we are today

Our continued growth and innovation in 2022 were also the result of our partnership with Amedisys, Inc. in June 2021. This has afforded us new resources and expertise to drive high-quality care into the home. Through the first year of that partnership, which saw full integration in 2022, we’ve been able to expand our service offerings. This has allowed us to create the industry’s widest spectrum of at-home care services, and to begin to realize our vision for Contessa more fully. 

With the addition of two more service lines, patients have options that extend beyond Recovery Care at Home. Patients who would otherwise be treated at a skilled nursing facility can instead opt into our Rehabilitation Care at Home model to receive comprehensive home-based skilled-nursing care. And with Palliative Care at Home, patients living with terminal, complex chronic illness or advanced stage illness receive the treatment they need at home while also enhancing their quality of life. 

Joining forces with Amedisys further supports Comprehensive Care at Home, by creating critical opportunities to bring home health, hospice, and even more in-home care options to the program. Together with Amedisys, we have created a healthcare class of our own by defining what care can look like in the home. Our combined platform is transformational and unlike any other in the market.  

Expanding all care at home is the goal of who we are today

Seven years ago, we launched Contessa with a simple mission: to deliver care in the home that is safer, affordable and more enjoyable for all. Since then, our nimble team has fueled exponential growth, increasing our service lines, expanding our Comprehensive Care at Home model and reimagining healthcare delivery for thousands of patients across the country. Our mission continues to guide us as we evolve to serve more patients, in more ways than ever before. 

With that in mind, as 2022 comes to a close, we are excited for the future of care delivery and the opportunity to continue improving the lives of those we serve. We’ve heard from stakeholders across the board – patients, providers, payers and everyone in between – that healthcare is headed home. And we plan to be there and ready to meet it. 

Meet Our Expert

Travis Messina, Founder & Healthcare Executive

Travis founded Contessa in 2015 to provide a new standard of healthcare in the home for providers, payers and patients. Since its launch, the company has partnered with twelve health systems and a major payer and continues to grow as part of Amedisys, Inc. Before Contessa, Travis built his career investing in healthcare ventures. He spent time at Martin Ventures, Vanguard Health Systems, Signal Hill Capital and SunTrust Robinson Humphrey.