As the leader and pioneer in Home Recovery Care, Contessa offers a turnkey solution that enables a new standard of care for progressive provider partners and payers. Patients are treated for their inpatient-eligible condition in the comfort of home without being admitted into the hospital or a skilled nursing facility.

Provider Spotlight: Alyssa Bernstein, CRNP

Alyssa Bernstein, CRNP is an advanced practice provider (APP) and the clinical manager of the Home Recovery Care program at Allegheny Health Network’s Jefferson Hospital….

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Modern Healthcare: Payment Concerns Not Stopping Hospital-at-Home Programs

Modern Healthcare | July 27, 2023 Uncertainty surrounding Medicare reimbursement for hospital-at-home services isn’t necessarily a deterrent to launching this innovative model of care. In…

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The Evolving Role of Hospitalists

The idea of a hospitalist is still relatively new to the healthcare landscape, but providers in these roles have the capability to make a huge impact on patients and their families during an acute episode. That impact can now be felt more broadly through a virtual role – as a virtual hospitalist. Read more about how their role benefits both patients and physicians.

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Home is Where the Health Is: Four Reasons Patients Recover Faster in Their Own Space

There’s no place like home, but did you know a familiar environment can also help you heal faster? We explain.

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Leveraging Data to Understand and Improve Patients’ Perceived Wellness

Understanding the patients Contessa serves is absolutely critical to our work. Not only do we need to know the best ways to treat patients in the home, but also the perceptions they have of their physical and mental health. In this blog, we explain the the PROMIS tool, the patient-reported assessment data Contessa leverages to glean and understand patients’ perceptions of their own health. Learn how we measure this information before, during, and after a patients episodes of care with Contessa, and how the assessment’s findings impact the care we deliver.

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Home Hospital Care in 2021 and Beyond

Though it is challenging to predict what the next month, let alone year, may hold, we looked into our crystal ball and thought deeply about how hospital care at home could change in the future.

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Telehealth’s Evolution and Staying Power Among Virtual Hospitalists

Telehealth has come a long way in just six months, but what is its staying power? Contessa’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Montoney, explores in his latest blog post.

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Why More Physicians Are Adopting Contessa’s Model Amid COVID-19

Trying something new is rarely easy, which is why it has taken time and proof for physicians to lean into our model. In his latest blog post, our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mark Montoney, explains the key factors that have changed physicians’ adoption of Contessa’s model and why they have been intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic:

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Sizing Up Home Hospital Services: Contessa’s Unique Value

By Dr. Mark Montoney, Chief Medical Officer The Contessa story is not unlike others in healthcare: an industry leader determined to make healthcare a better…

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