“The nurses were fantastic! They were very patient with me and took the time to educate me.”

After battling chronic bladder and urinary tract infections, Dorothy’s doctor recommended a hospital admission. She needed IV antibiotics to help her fight off the persistent infections.

Shortly after being admitted to Chandler Regional Medical Center, a Recovery Care Coordinator reached out to Dorothy and her family to let them know she was eligible for the Dignity Health Home Recovery Care program, which is offered through a partnership with Contessa.

When they found out that Dorothy was able to receive hospital-level care in her own home, including the administration of IV medications, it was a no-brainer. “The ability to be in my own home and receive the same level of care was a great incentive”, said Dorothy.

Dorothy was sent home and began receiving care the same day. She was given a remote patient monitoring kit, a tablet for doctor appointments and saw a registered nurse twice a day. Due to COVID travel restrictions, her daughter, Maria, was unable to be home with her during the process. But as an ICU nurse with 37 years of experience, Maria knows firsthand what great care looks like. “The Home Recovery Care program was incredibly awesome, and the nurses made my mom feel so cared for.”

After being released from the program, doctors found that the antibiotics for Dorothy’s infections were no longer working. Dorothy was faced yet again with going back to the hospital. This time, however, she already knew about the Home Recovery Care program.

After receiving a PICC line in the Emergency Department, Dorothy was sent home a second time with Home Recovery Care – at her request.

“The nurses were fantastic! They were very patient with me and took the time to educate me.”

Maria credits the program for her mom’s ongoing recovery, “Just being able to be in her home made the biggest difference for her – it was a life changer!”

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