“The Home Hospital nurses were great and so accommodating!”

Animal bites are a common occurrence among patient visits to the Emergency Department. When Diana was bitten on the hand by her daughter’s cat, she made the decision to visit the Emergency Department as well.

Doctors prescribed her antibiotics, but after a few days, she noticed her hand was continuing to swell. On her second trip to the Gundersen La Crosse Emergency Department, she was told she needed IV antibiotics to treat the cellulitis that had formed.

During this trip, Diana was approached and told she was eligible to participate in the Gundersen Home Hospital program, which is offered through a partnership with Contessa. This meant she could go home immediately and begin receiving hospital-level care. Diana agreed, making her the first patient to enroll in the program due to its recent launch in May of 2021.

Diana received 3 nursing visits a day to administer her IV antibiotics. She was also given a remote patient monitoring kit and a tablet for doctor appointments. “The technology was very easy to use, and the nurses made sure I was comfortable using it.”

Diana credits the program for her quick and comfortable recovery. “The Home Hospital nurses were great and so accommodating!”

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