Employee Spotlight: Sierra Brown, Recovery Care Coordinator

Meet Sierra, a Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) with Contessa partner Henry Ford Health. Sierra was recently nominated for an “MVP Moment” spotlight within our parent company, Amedisys, for her extraordinary efforts in going above and beyond to ensure a patient received a working hospital bed during their stay with our Rehabilitation Care at Home program despite roadblocks. We asked Sierra to share some details about herself and her role here at Contessa, and we hope you enjoy learning more just as much as we did! 

All about me 

“As an RCC, I am responsible for reviewing a patient’s eligibility for admission into our Recovery Care at Home and Rehabilitation Care at Home programs,” Sierra shares. “I am also responsible for coordinating and communicating the needs of the patients to ensure they receive the best care possible.” 

Sierra adds, “I have been a nurse for three years, more specifically a cardiac nurse. I graduated from University of Indianapolis at the height of COVID-19, which I feel gave me even more respect for the healthcare industry. I love being a nurse and providing education to all populations.” 

Work-life balance: what’s life like outside of work? 

Outside of work, Sierra enjoys her time as a mom. “I have a 15-month-old son that I adore. When I am not at work, we are doing crafts, baking and spending time outside!”  

Whether at work or at home, Sierra also shared three things she can’t live without: “Chocolate, a good book and my espresso machine!” 

What I love about Contessa 

Sierra explained that one of the things that first attracted her to a position as an RCC at Contessa was the opportunity to interact with patients without being at the hospital bedside.  

“While I still work at the bedside occasionally, I wanted to help patients in another way. I love that this position allows me to advocate and assist patients from admission to discharge. I really get to bond with these patients and their families in a way you don’t get to when working at the bedside. And most importantly, I get the opportunity to provide these patients with the comfort of being home, and provide the care they need and deserve.” 

Contessa culture from a Recovery Care Coordinator’s perspective 

As a Recovery Care Coordinator at Contessa, Sierra describes that “Contessa continues to be a place of inclusivity and inspiration. I find that we are always looking for ways to improve and reach a greater population!” And, she adds, “My colleagues always know how to make me laugh!”  

During her time at Contessa so far, Sierra says she is most proud of how she’s served her patients, and it’s important to her to continue to be a safe place to land for those who need extra support and care. 

Thank you, Sierra, for being such a great example of our values in action, and for sharing your story with us!