“It was the Best Care Ever”

When congestion and fever kept Richard from his regularly scheduled golf game, his wife Sue knew he was sick. They went to the Emergency Department at Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield for the first of two visits where he tested positive for COVID-19. Richard was in and out of the hospital battling COVID-related pneumonia until they heard about Home Recovery Care, which is provided through a partnership with Contessa.

“A nurse asked us if we would like to go home with hospital-level care and we immediately said yes. We left the hospital at 3 p.m. A respiratory therapist was at our house by 4 p.m. and a nurse was there with IV antibiotics at 7 p.m. It was the best care ever.” said Sue.

Richard was sent home with remote patient monitoring devices and a tablet to use for doctor appointments. He had daily nursing, physical and occupational therapy visits. When his condition worsened and required an extra hospital visit, the couple asked if Richard to continue to recover at home with Home Recovery Care because it was such a positive experience.

“Part of why we loved Home Recovery Care was that we could be together,” Sue said. “With all the COVID precautions, Richard was in the hospital alone without any visitors. Plus, the constant hospital interruptions kept him from getting rest, he was begging to go home.”

Sue credits the Home Recovery Care team with Richard’s improvement. Not only did the team provide high-quality clinical care, but Sue compared the warmth of their appointments to a visit with their kids.

“What impressed us the most was how kind, professional and responsive everyone was. Anytime I had a question, I could call the Home Recovery Care team and someone would answer on the first ring. That doesn’t happen anymore. I always felt connected,” she said.

Richard is on the mend and making a remarkable recovery. He is weaning off the oxygen and looking forward to scheduling his next tee time.

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