nurse and patient

How Unique Care in the Home Reduces Nursing Burnout

Nursing shortages have been a national topic of discussion for many years and continue to dominate healthcare circles. A high-burnout profession driven to new extremes…

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Lessons From a Joint Venture Approach to Care at Home

Care-at-home treatment models have taken root and rapidly expanded in scope in the past few years, accelerated by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It…

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nurse in car

Contessa and Nursing Innovation: Helping Nurses Commute in NYC

As part of its Comprehensive Care at Home, Contessa provides nursing staff for in-home visits to patients in various regional settings nationwide. In the New…

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How Hospital at Home Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Hospital-level care in the home has gained popularity in the United States following a surge in health systems building programs to provide this care delivery…

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Picture of woman doctor discussing medications with elderly woman patient

Rehabilitation Care at Home: Beyond Home Health

Traditionally, patients that require medically-necessary rehabilitation care are offered placement in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or subacute rehab (SAR) to receive these services. In…

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Nurse assisting man using walker

Care at Home, Dementia, and Reducing the Risk of Deconditioning

Deconditioning, or a decline in physical fitness and wellness during a hospital stay, is challenging for anyone but especially difficult for people living with dementia….

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Rehabilitation Care at Home and its Value to Communities and Hospitals

In 2017 Contessa introduced a unique alternative to subacute rehabilitation (SAR) and traditional skilled nursing facilities (SNFs): our Rehabilitation Care at Home program. Now into…

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Palliative Care and its Role in Chronic Conditions

At its inception, palliative care was interwoven with the hospice movement, and because of this it is often perceived as solely a component of hospice…

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Understanding Comprehensive Care at Home

Since its inception in 2015, Contessa has been on the forefront of bringing advanced medical care to the home. It is no surprise, then, that…

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What Medical Conditions Does Contessa Treat at Home?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a rapid shift in the prioritization of medical care at home programs. Clearly, COVID-19 was a big driver…

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How Contessa Solves Healthcare Fragmentation

Even as a physician, navigating a recent medication change took me two weeks of frustrating back and forth phone calls and messages to my doctor,…

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The Growing Patient Preference for Care at Home

For those of us in good health, spending time at home is something we largely take for granted. It is the hub of our everyday…

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