“You know the saying, ‘there is no place like home!’”

Bobby was used to living in pain. For six months the 86-year-old had battled debilitating pain in his back, but physicians weren’t able to identify the cause. His son, Michael, finally convinced him to go to the emergency room at Saint Thomas Rutherford in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

There, he was diagnosed with an infection that caused an abscess in his back. Doctors were able to drain the infection but had to remove a damaged section of his lung.

After 17 days in the hospital, he was approached about Ascension Saint Thomas’s Hospital Care at Home program, which is provided through a partnership with Contessa. Bobby was ready to go home. So was his son.

“I had been there for 17 days, too!” said Michael. “We moved dad back to our home that day and he started receiving Hospital Care at Home services. It was a great experience.”

Bobby was sent home with remote patient monitoring devices, a registered nurse who visited twice daily, and a tablet for physician rounding.

“I was amazed at the technology. I still can’t believe that they set up a tablet for a full examination with my doctor right in my son’s living room,” said Bobby.

The technology wasn’t the only Hospital Care at Home perk. Michael notes that the convenience of being surrounded by family at home, sleeping in a comfortable bed, and eating home cooked meals can’t be beat. Bobby credits the daily nursing visits with getting him back on his feet sooner than expected.

“I think we all fell in love with one another, they were so nice. They did everything they could to get me feeling better.”

After five days, Bobby was released from Hospital Care at Home and still recovering with his son. While he is making strides every day, and enjoying the time with his son, he is looking forward to getting back to his own home soon.

“You know the saying, ‘there is no place like home!’”

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