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Modern-Day Care Delivery

It’s no secret that healthcare is changing. Physicians are facing pressure to provide care at a reduced cost without sacrificing quality and satisfaction. At the same time, patients are taking charge of their care as consumerism continues to rise. Contessa enables leading healthcare organizations to address these challenges by advancing care in their markets.

Hospitals are not a one-size-fits-all solution for patients. Contessa knows there is a better way to deliver high-quality, safe and affordable care for patients recovering from non-life-threatening conditions.

Contessa Home Recovery Care does just that. Patients are treated for their inpatient-eligible condition in the comfort of home without being admitted into the hospital.


Patient Outcomes

patient satisfaction composite
Acute phase complications of care (inclusive of falls with injury, new pressure ulcers, and new infections)
Provider medication reconciliation on admission and acute phase discharge.

Our Turnkey Solution


Evidence-Based Protocols

Contessa's clinical care models are co-developed with provider partners and are grounded in evidence-based protocols and best practices. This ensures that patients receive the level of care they need and deserve. Contessa consistently measures and reports clinical and patient satisfaction outcomes.


Recovery Care Coordinators

Contessa's Recovery Care Coordinators work alongside hospital partners to identify eligible patients for Home Recovery Care. The Recovery Care Coordinators act as an extension of the provider’s team by guiding the patient’s care plan.


Seamless Care Delivery Experience

Contessa combines our evidence-based Home Recovery Care models for acute care, post-acute care and surgical procedures with administrative support services and Care Convergence, our proprietary technology platform. Contessa's solution offers a seamless care delivery experience that lowers cost and improves patient outcomes.


Telehealth System

While at home, patients are equipped with a state-of-the-art telehealth system allowing them to connect seamlessly with their physician, registered nurse and Recovery Care Coordinator. Physicians have increased access to their patients, without disrupting their daily schedule.

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