How Hospital at Home Can Improve Patient Outcomes

Hospital-level care in the home has gained popularity in the United States following a surge in health systems building programs to provide this care delivery…

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Woman patient wearing mask laying on hospital bed

“I’d do it again— in a heartbeat.” 

When Leslie arrived at the ER at Prisma Baptist Easley Hospital in February in need of care, she didn’t know the lasting positive impact it…

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Dr. Kamia Thakur

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Kamia Thakur, Penn State Health

Dr. Kamia Thakur is a hospitalist and the Medical Director of Penn State Health’s Home Recovery Care program in Hershey, PA. The joint venture with…

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Anthony Spano, Director of Client Development at Netsmart and Nikki Davis, Vice President of Palliative Care Programs at Contessa Health

Fireside Chat with Contessa and Netsmart

Hospice News | May 25, 2023 This article is sponsored by Netsmart and based on a discussion with Anthony Spano, Director of Client Development at Netsmart…

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Ashley Ecenrode

Position Spotlight: Director of Recovery Care at Home

Ashley started her career as a medical-surgical nurse in a local hospital. She then began a career with Amedisys Home Health in 2012 as field…

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Picture of woman doctor discussing medications with elderly woman patient

Rehabilitation Care at Home: Beyond Home Health

Traditionally, patients that require medically-necessary rehabilitation care are offered placement in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or subacute rehab (SAR) to receive these services. In…

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Modern Healthcare: More Health Systems Turn to Partnerships for Hospital-at-Home

Modern Healthcare | June 22, 2023 The hospital-at-home industry is projected to grow substantially by 2028, according to this recent highlight of the model by…

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Nurse assisting man using walker

Care at Home, Dementia, and Reducing the Risk of Deconditioning

Deconditioning, or a decline in physical fitness and wellness during a hospital stay, is challenging for anyone but especially difficult for people living with dementia….

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Modern Healthcare: Why Home is Becoming the Future for Hospitals

Modern Healthcare | June 7, 2023 Modern Healthcare recently addressed some important details surrounding the growth of the hospital-at-home model of care and its key…

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Picture of Michael

“I really learned how to be involved and take care of myself.”

Michael is usually healthy and active, always in motion at his job managing a restaurant and never letting much slow him down. It was a…

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Kerry Eshleman

Position Spotlight: Director of Strategy and Growth

Kerry grew up in a small town in upstate New York and moved to Nashville during high school. He attended Indiana University and graduated with…

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Perry and his wife Cheryl

“It actively supports and encourages independence.”

While many of us require more help as we age, maintaining a degree of independence is important. Perry and his wife Cheryl have found this…

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