Position Spotlight: Acute Care Registered Nurse

Amanda has spent most of her life living in Bucks County, PA. She attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a Bachelor of Natural Sciences degree. During her time at the university, she spent time volunteering at hospitals, as well as participating in healthcare-based research and volunteering as an EMT. Her fulfilling experiences pushed her into the nursing field, so following her first degree, she pursued a Bachelor of Nursing at Thomas Jefferson University and graduated in 2015. 

Most of her nursing career has been at Penn State Hershey Medical Center as a bedside nurse, where she spent the last seven years. She has worked both in medical-surgical and intermediate care nursing prior to joining Contessa’s Recovery Care at Home program at Penn State Health in 2022. 

In her free time, she enjoys walking her two cats outside, spending time with her husband, weightlifting and is actively planning her “ultimate” trip to Japan which has been cancelled several years in a row due to the coronavirus pandemic.  

What does an ACRN do at Contessa?

We go into patients’ homes and take their vital signs and assess and educate them. We also administer medications and coordinate their care with their doctor and the Recovery Care Coordinators (RCCs) to ensure they have what they need to get better.  

Why did you choose a career in nursing? Specifically, this career?

I love people and I love helping people! I believe that the most important part of life is my relationships with others. This is what brings meaning to my life. I love seeing patients improve from their illnesses and being able to enjoy their lives more.  

How does the work you do at Contessa differ from other jobs?

I am able to spend more time getting to know my patients, meeting their families (and even pets!).  

What is the best part of your job?

Being able to be fully present with my patients, and not having to multitask as much.  

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Working through novel situations where there is no precedent for a solution, especially since I’m working with a new market. However, the team of people I work with are all great, and together we always figure it out.  

What inspires you to come to work every day?

Knowing that I am making a positive difference in improving healthcare for every patient who goes through our program. I am proud that Recovery Care at Home makes healthcare more affordable without jeopardizing quality and keeps patients and their families together.