Provider Spotlight: Dr. Weinberg, Allegheny Health Network Home Recovery Care

Dr. Lyn Weinberg is passionate about her patients receiving the best care. As the director of the geriatrics division with Allegheny Health Network (AHN), she typically sees most of her patients within skilled nursing facilities, her primary care office, or in their homes. However, as of this year, she has been able to see patients via telehealth.

Highmark Health and AHN launched HRC Plus earlier this year in partnership with Contessa. The model delivers all the essential elements of skilled nursing and rehabilitation care in the comfort of a patient’s home. A registered nurse, physical therapist, and/or occupational therapist works with the patient in their home for the first 1-3 weeks while developing a personalized, physician-directed care plan with the patient’s care team. The patient’s Recovery Care Coordinator then continues to monitor the patient’s vitals, coordinates their care, and provides health education through the end of the 60-day episode. Dr. Weinberg has served as one of the clinical leads overseeing the model since its launch.

“The whole concept of the program really spoke to me”, Dr. Weinberg states. “In my opinion, it is very important to provide care in the home where patients are familiar with their surroundings.”

This would become especially important for Mary. When Mary came down with shingles, she was in such pain that it became hard for her to walk and even get out of bed. As her primary care physician, Dr. Weinberg decided that she needed skilled nursing-level care and recommended the HRC Plus program to Mary and her daughter Dana. They agreed.

“Having Mary recover in her own home was a game-changer”, Dr. Weinberg states. “Being in the hospital with her condition could have possibly made things worse, especially with concerns around COVID-19. We did not want to risk her potentially having a further decline of function.”

Mary and her daughter Dana credit the program for Mary’s quick recovery. “The support my mom received was great. It really helped to motivate her and in return, made her feel better, faster.”

Dr. Weinberg also credits the program as being a win for patients and providers. “I think there is nothing better than bringing the right care to patients at the right place and the right time. The HRC Plus program hits all those things. I truly believe it can bring more quality years of life to a patient. It is a very rewarding program, and I am excited to see the opportunities.”