Provider Spotlight: Dr. Seth, Allegheny Health Home Recovery Care

Growing up in India, Dr. Harshit Seth was familiar with medical house calls. As the son of a cardiologist and OBGYN, it was common for his parents to see patients in their homes. But he wasn’t expecting that in America.

“I was skeptical about Home Recovery Care (HRC) when I first met with the folks at Contessa, but it was a care-delivery model I understood well. My confidence was enhanced when I saw the positive impact the program had on patients and physicians,” said Dr. Seth.

Allegheny partnered with Contessa to provide the home hospital care-model in 2019. As Lead Hospitalist for Allegheny General and Jefferson Hospitals, Dr. Seth serves as the Medical Director, and advocate, for the program. On any given day, he can be found rounding on patients, reviewing potential cases or walking a physician through an HRC admission.

“Once a physician understands how the program works, their comfort level increases. It is the same for patients. Once we explain that they are going home with hospital-level care, they are relieved to heal in their own environment.”

One of the biggest benefits of HRC, according to Dr. Seth, is the monitoring phase, which lasts up to 30-days. Recovery Care Coordinators, registered nurses who manage a patient’s episode, continue to provide daily check-ins, monitor vitals and schedule follow-up appointments. This continuity of care leads to increased patient satisfaction and decreased rehospitalizations.

“I believe in Home Recovery Care because it’s good for the health system and it is good for the patient. With HRC, patients receive continuity of care and a full complement of inpatient hospital services in the comfort of their own home. Physicians appreciate the workflow ease and the reduced pressure of discharging patients. Patients are happy and physicians are happy. It’s a win for everyone.”