Provider Spotlight: Dr. Padma, Marshfield Clinic Health System Home Recovery Care

One of Dr. Hymavathi Padma’s missions is simple: to help patients feel better, sooner.

This is something that she has been able to achieve through working with the Home Recovery Care program. “Once I started taking care of patients in the program, I saw how much they could really benefit.”

Dr. Padma is a hospitalist at the Marshfield Clinic Health System in Wisconsin. She has been working with the Home Recovery Care team since earlier this year. The Marshfield Clinic Health System partnered with Contessa to launch Home Recovery Care in 2016. The popular care model is now available in the health system’s Eau Claire, Minocqua and Weston locations.

“Managing patients at home can be very beneficial for them. Their families can be at home with them which I believe assists in a patient’s recovery.”

Eligible patients are sent home with remote patient monitoring devices and are frequently visited by acute care registered nurses. Physicians use tablets to round on their patients. The technology came easy to Dr. Padma and her patients. She credits the telehealth visits for being able to provide more healthcare solutions for patients.

An additional benefit Dr. Padma states include reduced hospital stays and readmission rates. “Home Recovery care can reduce readmission rates. Patients get better in their home when they’re happing and feeling better. In return, I feel happy when I see that my patients are happy.”

“This is a fantastic program for eligible patients. I believe that with Home Recovery Care, patients can feel better, sooner!”