Provider Spotlight: Dr. Christians, Gundersen Home Hospital

Telehealth is nothing new to Dr. Aaron Christians, DO, a hospitalist at Gundersen Health System. He’s been providing telemedicine to patients for years. When he was asked to join the Gundersen Home Hospital team, he knew his expertise and passion would be an asset.

“I always found hospital-at-home to be an interesting philosophy. Once I was introduced to it at Gundersen, I fell in love. I’ve been part of the program ever since,” Dr. Christians shares.

Gundersen launched its Home Hospital program through a partnership with Contessa last spring. It allows patients who qualify the option to go home with hospital-level care. Patients use remote patient monitoring devices, are visited by a registered nurse, and round with their doctors using a telehealth tablet. Dr. Christians credits this model with benefitting patients and providers.

“When rounding in the hospital, patients often complain about the food or uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. With Gundersen Home Hospital, I get to see patients in their home, an environment they are most comfortable in, allowing us to discuss medical issues much more effectively. They aren’t as distracted by the typical hospital disruptions.”

As the country continues to battle COVID capacity crunches, Dr. Christians sees this program as a solution to the problem. Treating patients at home frees up beds and provider time as they can round much more quickly and safely.

“Medicine is evolving, and the pandemic is accelerating change. Gundersen Home Hospital is the future of healthcare. Once you adopt the program and experience the benefits, it’s easy to see why it works.”