“I’d do it again— in a heartbeat.” 

When Leslie arrived at the ER at Prisma Baptist Easley Hospital in February in need of care, she didn’t know the lasting positive impact it would have on her health and sense of well-being. Rather than stay in the hospital for the full length of her care, after a short stay Leslie was offered admission to the Prisma Health Home Recovery Care program, which provides hospital-level care to eligible patients in their own homes.  

She was so thrilled with her experience in the program and eager to share it with others that she wrote her story down on paper. One of the biggest takeaways, she says, was that she was discharged from the program with a referral to a new primary care doctor, who has made significant changes in how her health concerns are being addressed. “It was just so wonderful,” she says of Home Recovery Care. “As a matter of fact, I would go to people’s hospital rooms and talk them into it.” 

Read her story below: 

My Acute Care Experience 


By Leslie Banks

At the end of February, I was admitted to Prisma/Easley for bacterial pneumonia.  This picture was taken in the ER while we were waiting for a room to become available. 

Home Recovery Care Program

After enduring the hospital for a couple of days, a nice lady visited me offering a new program that was available for people who qualified.   

She explained how the Home Recovery Care Program has helped the hospital with overcrowding, which has been a looming crisis since The Covid hit. 

How it Works

The hospital doesn’t “release” you from its care – technically you’re still in their system.   

I received a ride home after oxygen, meds, and other medical equipment were delivered. 

Nurses visited three times a day plus I saw the doctor via the internet. I still had an IV plus the oxygen.  They took vitals, dispensed meds, etc.  They all knew each other personally which made everything so special. 

Why I Loved Home Recovery Care

When the “nice lady” told me that I qualified for the program, my initial thought was, “Hell no!” 

I had been so sick, before my admission, the house wasn’t exactly ready for visitors. I’d also heard horror stories regarding home health care workers who never show up. 

My next question was, “What is the worst thing that could happen?” and if THAT did occur at least I would be at home.  

So we decided to go for it.   

Gotta admit that all of the attention was wonderful. The nurses were almost too attentive.  Deliveries of medicines and other medical equipment were on time. The doctors didn’t seem rushed (like in the hospital) so I would rate the bedside manner as remarkable. 

A sign was posted on my front door regarding the oxygen and the emergency information was provided as a refrigerator magnet.  

I slept in my bed and ate what I wanted whenever I wanted. My puppy and kitty cat were here to help me recover plus friends did not need to pay a hospital visit. They just stopped by our home for a nice relaxed chat. 

The feeling of being able to help my community, by going home thereby making a hospital room available, was enormous. Whenever we are very sick, it’s hard to do anything to benefit others.   

This program is one way to do that.  To deny this opportunity is a missed blessing. 

Prisma also referred me to my new primary care physician.  I’m loving that!! 

I never want to experience anything like this again, but if it does I hope that the Home Recovery Care Program will still be available because I’d do it again- in a heartbeat. 

Especially if they added housekeeping services! 

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