“Hospital Care at Home Sounded Too Good To Be True”

Shelton Joiner, 87, went to the emergency room at Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford suffering from weakness and lack of energy. His daughter, Lisa Adams, wasn’t surprised when he was diagnosed with pneumonia because he’s had it several times before. However, she was surprised to learn that he could go home with Hospital Care at Home.

“We thought it sounded too good to be true,” said Adams. “When you are deciding between staying in the hospital or going home, there is no doubt you’re going to choose home. We were given a lot of information while we sat in the ER, we felt really good about our decision.”

Joiner, who lives with his daughter and her husband Woody, was back in his own bed that evening. Within 30 minutes a nurse was at their front door, quickly followed by medical equipment. Their nurse, Lori, helped Shelton settle in and set up his IV and breathing machine. She also explained everything that was in his remote patient monitoring kit which includes a scale, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, pulse oximeter and a tablet for virtual visits.

“Everything was easy to set up, the nurse did a lot, but none of it was intimidating,” said Adams. “We had every resource we needed right at our fingertips.”

Joiner’s Recovery Care Coordinator managed his care throughout the entire episode, and she was available by phone 24/7. He used the tablet for virtual visits with his doctors and he saw his nurse several times a day while in the acute phase, and then the visits tapered off during the monitoring phase.

“I was really impressed with the virtual doctor visits,” said Joiner. “It was just like being in the same room together.”

Joiner and Adams credit Hospital Care at Home with helping him kick pneumonia quickly. Eating home-cooked meals, sleeping in his own bed, and moving around familiar surroundings all aided in his recovery.

“We were still in our regular routine, but with hospital care,” said Adams. “It only felt different when the nurse came. She was so kind and patient, she felt like a friend or family member.”

If given the opportunity again, both said they would choose Hospital Care at Home over a traditional hospital stay.

“I felt a real sense of security with Hospital Care at Home because I knew they really cared about my dad,” said Adams. “I’ve already recommended the program to coworkers and neighbors.”

“I recovered a lot faster being at home and getting the level of care I received from Hospital Care at Home,” said Joiner.

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