“Home Recovery Care Made Me Feel Secure”

Dolores spent 2020 in and out of the hospital battling Congestive Heart Failure.

“I just didn’t feel well,” said the 83-year-old. “I was retaining fluids, I had no energy, and each time I left the hospital, I had no appetite. I ended up losing 20 pounds.”

In November, she went to the emergency room at Forbes Hospital, preparing for another lengthy stay. She was admitted for observation, but after one night, was told that she could go home with Home Recovery Care, which is provided through a partnership with Contessa. She was thrilled to get back to the home she shares with her daughter while still receiving hospital-level care.

Dolores was pleasantly surprised at the level of care she received at home. She saw a registered nurse who administered IV fluids and checked her vitals using remote patient monitoring devices including a scale, stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, and pulse oximeter. She and her nurse used a tablet to check in with her doctor.

“I felt very safe in Home Recovery Care, especially with the nurses. They answered all of my questions. If I wasn’t feeling well, or thought I had a problem, they were able to get in touch with my doctor much quicker than I could have. It was wonderful.”

Besides having her pacemaker replaced in an outpatient procedure last December, Dolores hasn’t needed to make a trip to the hospital since November. She credits her new pacemaker and Home Recovery Care for her improved health.

“Home Recovery Care made me feel more secure. It was a wonderful safety net knowing I was getting hospital-level care at home.”

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