“Home Recovery Care Helped Me Heal Faster”

Kay Hiott was experiencing diarrhea and vomiting for more than a week when she was admitted to Prisma Health Greenville Memorial Hospital for dehydration and acute renal failure. Three days into her stay, a hospitalist asked her if she wanted to complete her hospital stay at home with Home Recovery Care. The 62-year-old retired teacher said yes. She was back in her living room that evening.

“The Home Recovery Care team made everything so easy,” said Hiott. “An ambulance took me home where a nurse was already waiting for me. She set up all of my equipment and answered every question.”

Hiott was treated with IV fluids and antibiotics. The Home Recovery Care team monitored her labs and vitals with a remote patient monitoring kit that includes a scale, thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, and stethoscope. She was sent home with a tablet used for virtual doctors’ visits.

“By the time I saw my doctor on the tablet, she had already reviewed my labs and vitals. Everything was virtual! I felt like my doctor was fully informed and understood my condition.”

Doctors are still trying to determine if Celiac Disease or a parasite caused her severe gastrointestinal symptoms, but she is happy to be on the mend. She credits Home Recovery Care, specifically the Recovery Care Coordinators and nurses, for her recovery.

“COVID-19 makes for a strange time to be in the hospital. I was sick, but it wasn’t life-threatening. I felt like I was taking up a bed that someone else needed. Plus, my family couldn’t visit. Home Recovery Care changed that. I was home with my husband and my daughter could visit as much as she liked. The nurses were compassionate, knowledgeable, and available twenty-four hours a day. I appreciated their visits (both virtually and in my home), their answers to my many questions, and their sound advice. The program lifted my spirits. It gave me hope. I think that’s why I healed faster.”

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