Home-Based Care Delivery Models-Are They Here to Stay?

Chasm Partners Roundtable, March 2019

Increased momentum for innovative healthcare models that deliver care in the patient’s home is being driven by the convergence of consumerism, value-based care, and social determinants of health. The proven positive impact on clinical outcomes and lower costs are motivating payers (managed care and PBMs) and Health Systems to more actively embrace the home-based healthcare approach. Scenarios range from the familiar – such as the evolving post-acute care delivery model for discharged patients – to innovative methods of administering medication that drives adherence, or disruptive approaches to ED in-patient admissions. This quarter, we have assembled four high-profile Roundtable participants to help us better understand the growth drivers for home-based care, the latest lessons on outcomes and economics, and finally, the challenges to scaling in this disruptive space.

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