Your patients are our number one priority

Efficient Physician Resources

Contessa knows your patient’s well-being is your number one priority. It’s ours too. Contessa combines evidence-based Home Recovery Care protocols and best practice models for acute care, post-acute care and surgical procedures to ensure patients receive safe, high-quality and compassionate care while reducing your administrative duties.

Contessa makes referring patients easy. If a patient meets inpatient criteria, Contessa’s team will take care of the rest, keeping their care team well informed every step of the way.

Patient Outcomes

Increased patient satisfaction by


Reduced mean length of stay by


Reduced readmission rate by


The Contessa Advantage

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Contessa’s patients experience reduced readmission rates, lower average length of stays and higher patient satisfaction.

Administrative Support

Contessa’s Recovery Care Coordinators are fully integrated members of your team, working alongside you to ensure your patient is receiving best-in-class care.

Care Coordination

Your dedicated Recovery Care Coordinator will guide your patient’s treatment plan, reducing your administrative duties and ensuring your workflow remains consistent.