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Contessa’s Home Recovery Care model defines a new standard of care by combining all of the essential elements of inpatient care in the comfort and convenience of a patient’s home.

  • Contessa combines clinical care models for acute care, post-acute care and surgical procedures with administrative support services and a proprietary health informatics platform.
  • Contessa’s health plan partners experience significant savings per episodes based on historical cost.
  • Contessa is in a position to assume risk for episodes of care, providing lower cost and predictability to our health plan partners.
Cost Saving Analytics

Contessa’s turnkey solution provides health plan partners insight into potential upfront savings. The proprietary health information platform mines claims data to identify cost saving opportunities for our health plan partners.

Contessa’s cutting-edge analytics and claims administration platform offers data driven insights and enables payers to administer prospective bundled payments without disrupting existing claims processing workflows.

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Perks for Health Plan Members

Care at Home

Comfort and convenience of inpatient care in the patient's home, instead of the hospital.

Care Coordination

Recovery Care Coordinators work alongside physicians that the patients know and trust to guide them through their treatment plan.

Cost Savings

Less expensive than a traditional inpatient hospital stay.

Health Plan Engagement

Recovery Care Coordinator’s relationship with the patient promotes an increase of engagement through health plan initiatives.

One-on-One Care

Multiple one-on-one in-person care visits by a registered nurse, right in the patient’s home.

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