Spirit of Excellence Award: Recovery Care Coordinator of the Year

Each year, Spirit of Excellence Awards are presented by our parent company, Amedisys, to select employees who demonstrate exceptional caregiving support to the field and display Amedisys’ core values, which include service, passion, integrity, respect, innovation and talent. 

Our 2023 Recovery Care Coordinator of the Year Award was presented to Delaney Puente, RN, BSN, a Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) working with our partner Dignity Health. Here are some of the wonderful things Delaney’s colleagues said about her in their nominations in support of her: 

“Delaney goes above and beyond for our patients, staff, and providers. She is a valuable resource and embodies every SPIRIT value daily. Delaney is forever advocating for patient safety! She ensures all patients admitted to our program have what they need to return to baseline health while remaining safe in their homes. Delaney goes above and beyond every day she is in the office. She never hesitates to stay late, come in early, or adjust her schedule to ensure patients have what they need.”

“Delaney is a go-getter with a curious learner mindset. She is eager to innovate and grow the program and is willing to try new things in support of her team members and patients. Delaney has developed and cultivated a tremendous relationship with case management to ensure a strong communication process in sourcing referrals and admitting patients to Home Recovery Care.”

We are proud to spotlight Delaney’s achievements in this role, and we asked her to share a little more about herself and her day-to-day work as an RCC. 

What do you do at Contessa, and why did you choose this job?

I am the Lead Recovery Care Coordinator (RCC) in the Arizona market. As an RCC, we work with our physicians to qualify and admit patients to the Dignity Health Home Recovery Care program. Once admitted, we follow the patient’s course of care to assist in discharge coordination including durable medical equipment (DME) or home health needs. As a Lead RCC, I train new RCCs, manage our RCC workflows and I am involved in market operations. I chose this job because I wanted to experience a new side of healthcare! I love being a part of such an innovative and patient-centered program. It feels great to tell patients they can finish their hospital stay at home and watch them light up.  

What’s unique about this role and what is special about Contessa?

There are so many things that are special about Contessa. It is wonderful to be a part of a company that is redefining healthcare. We are truly patient-focused; it is the center of everything we do! On top of all that, I get to wear many hats and I am always learning in my role.  

Tell us about you! What is your educational and job background?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Arizona. I then attended an accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program to get my RN, BSN. My nursing background includes several years of neuro-telemetry experience at Nebraska Medicine and Barrows Neurological Institute.  

Outside of work, what are your favorite things to do?

When not at work, I love spending time with my husband and two schnoodles. I also love trying new cooking or baking recipes, new board games or going hiking.  

Thanks, Delaney, for sharing your talents and passion for caregiving with your patients, their families and the Contessa team! We are grateful for the care and attention you and other Recovery Care Coordinators like you contribute to advancing healthcare at home.