Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Care at Home admits its 100th patient

On June 9, 2021, Dalton Shockley admitted the 100th patient into the Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Care at Home program, marking a significant milestone in the program’s success in delivering hospital-level care in the home.

What makes the celebration even more special, was that Dalton was around to admit the program’s very first patient back in 2019. Dalton has been a Recovery Care Coordinator with Ascension Saint Thomas’ Hospital Care at Home program since it started and recalls how much it has changed.

“The program has changed drastically since it started. We started with only a few patients to now being busier than ever. It has been amazing to see the growth.”

The timing was also special for Clinton, the program’s 100th patient, as he and his wife were able to celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary at home instead of in the hospital.

After visiting Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown, Clinton was admitted to the program and sent home with a remote patient monitoring kit that included a scale, thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, stethoscope, and a tablet for virtual doctors’ visits. Nurses monitored his vitals and he was able to virtually see his doctor every day. Ascension Saint Thomas partners with Contessa to operate the Hospital Care at Home program.

“The best part about the program was being at home! There is nothing better than being home. Dalton and all of the nurses were great.”

With tremendous gratitude and appreciation, we thank Dalton and the entire Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital Care at Home team for contributing to the success of 100 patients. We are looking forward to celebrating the next 100!