Physician Spotlight: Dr. Negar Daniels, Ascension Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital Care at Home

For Dr. Negar Daniels, the benefits of Hospital Care at Home seem almost endless.

“There are times when a patient has to be in the hospital to receive the appropriate medical care. There are also cases where the best standard of care can be provided in the comfort of a patient’s home.”

She adds that if equivalent medical care can be provided in the home, then the patient is better off being in a familiar environment versus the hospital. “Working in the hospital, I see a variety of different cases. It’s made me realize that medicine isn’t a one-size fits all approach.”

Dr. Daniels has been a hospitalist at Saint Thomas Hospital Midtown in Nashville for 12 years. She has been with the Hospital Care at Home program since 2020. Saint Thomas partners with Contessa to operate the program in three of the health system’s Middle Tennessee locations.

“Hospital Care at Home also helps to prevent readmissions. We work as a team to support the patient. The patient receives education in their home to transition to discharge – from physical therapy in their own hallway to medication reconciliation with the medicine in their kitchen cabinet.”

Patients who participate in the program are sent home with remote patient monitoring devices, are visited by a registered nurse at least twice a day, and round with their doctor’s using a telehealth tablet. The virtual component was a big sell for Dr. Daniels’ work-life balance.

“Hospital Care at Home allows me to take on more patients because I can see them virtually. In return, I can still take my two kids to school. I am a little closer to that elusive work-life balance.”

Overall, Dr. Daniels states that the Hospital Care at Home program has been a positive experience. “It has a lot of potential and I am excited to see it grow.”