Contessa Applauds CMS For Its Home Hospital Care Decision

We applaud CMS for its decision to help healthcare providers more easily expand the delivery of hospital-level care beyond its traditional setting. Given the tremendous strain COVID-19 is putting on our healthcare system, access to home hospital care has never been more important.

The teams at CMS and CMMI expertly executed this hospital-driven model. Hospital-level care requires appropriate clinical oversight from hospital leaders, a cornerstone of the Contessa partnership model, to ensure program integrity.

Since 2015, Contessa has partnered with the nation’s most forward-looking health systems and health plans to make hospital-level care available in the comfort of a patient’s home, freeing up hospital beds and resources for more serious conditions. We are honored to help our partners safely treat eligible patients, including those diagnosed with COVID-19, in a setting that best matches their needs – the home.

We are thrilled that the Mount Sinai Health System, one of Contessa’s partners, was approved today due to its extensive experience with the program. We look forward to partnering with health systems to deliver home hospital care that better protects patients, caregivers, and the infrastructure of the American healthcare system. Together, we will emerge from this dark chapter stronger than ever.

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